My passion for photography began in the 1960’s while I was traveling throughout the United States. I realized all of the stunning beauty around me and my goal quickly became to capture and savor it. Though it wasn’t easy at first, my early failures in photography motivated me to start learning the correct way to take photos. I began teaching myself with a manual focus Canon camera which taught me to be precise when it came to focus, metering, and choosing the appropriate apertures. Determined to further my knowledge, I eagerly attended Colorado Mountain College in the quaint town of Leadville, CO, where I received a degree in Photography and Design.
Over the years I have put on several exhibits and set up my first website in 2006. Proudly founded in 2010, David Harrington Photography has decades of professional photography experience. Being at one with nature through my camera is my passion and I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm and love of photography through my photos. My greatest reward is when my photographs inspire those that follow my work.

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